Everyone knows that football is one of the most successful sports in the world. Nowadays, any country, city or town is full of children who want to play football. They love to imitate their idols: Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Mbappé… They watch them on television and hallucinate, although only a few have the chance to access Tickets FC Barcelona and experience the emotion of football live.

Whenever a ball approaches us we have the instinct to kick it. And is that those of us who have lived the love of football since childhood can not forget so many good memories . Surely, it takes you back to the time of school, when you had no more worries than to score or miss a penalty. And it is that when we are small we live the life of another way, for that reason of adults we have to resort to small pleasures as the one to reencounter us with our great hobbies although it is from the bleachers.

How to choose your future team

The life of a football fan is not always easy . You suffer a lot watching your team lose, and that’s why there are so many fans of Barça or Real Madrid, as they almost always end the games winning and that gives an immediate reward. Logically, the charm of small teams is also there, because with much less budget and players out of the quarry every win is tasted much more. Maybe that’s why great stories appear when a modest club hits the table and defeats a multimillionaire team.

While it is true that the big clubs are the ones that continue to move more fans, in recent times we have seen the resurgence of modest teams that have another vision of this sport. After all, variety is about taste and football is no exception. Enjoying this sport from different perspectives enriches it , and that is why from here we encourage everyone to become fond of football, not just one team or player in particular.

The football of the future

The advance of technologies is modernizing football, both in the user experience of consumers of this “product” and for professionals, which ensures higher doses of spectacle. Without a doubt, the technological vanguard sees football as the perfect showcase to make its products known, or did you think it was all altruism? Football, in addition to the most common sport, is a huge market from which different sectors drink.

If you want to live the football experience to the maximum, we recommend that you forget all the “noise” that surrounds this sport and focus on the game itself. For this, nothing like the atmosphere generated in the stands of a stadium . If you can choose a match in which there are things at stake, better than better. We must not renounce the essence of football, return to the origins, pure and hard spectacle, the opium of the people.