Have ever you wondered what like a woman when she is pregnant?. Now, even the men they can discover this sensation thanks to a simulator of pregnancy created by Takuya Iwamoto, the Japanese Advanced Institute of science and technology, and his team, simulating the weight, temperature, movement and the heartbeat of the fetus.

The device can reproduce the process of the 9 months of pregnancy in just two minutes. Although you can also be used for a longer period and thus be able to experience what it feels like every day with pregnancy.
To mimic the development of the fetus, this device contains a 4-litre bag full of warm water. The movement is recreated with a coating of 45 balloons that will expand and contract. But the feeling of kick is more complex to play and requires a network of air actuators causing a tactile illusion.

The system also contains touch sensors that allow interaction with the fetus. When the system is connected to a computer, the software displays a 3D model of the fetus that allows adjustments to mimic the different stages of pregnancy. In the video below the fetus on the screen appears to be in a good mood when a user of small blows of his abdomen and makes constant movements. On the other hand if the person moves vigorously, this causes a more intense movement of the fetus.

The team that has developed it expected that this system will help men to understand better through which passes a woman during pregnancy, offering a simulation more realistic than existing systems through the reproduction of the temperature and the movement of the fetus.

Few things during pregnancy are so emotional for parents how to see your child growing in the belly of the mother. Common ultrasound, which then went 3D and 4 d, perfecting the images that showed more and more accurately the face and body, baby showed anxiety, but at the same time were a kind of snack. Not had to wait nine months to get to know: between the third and sixth month, when it is not so small or so big, the fetus moves his hands and his feet for the camera.

Now a new technology will give them these images a unique, almost perfect view: through a scan you can see babies not yet born through three-dimensional virtual reality. A technique that combines ultrasound with magnetic resonance images and provides segments of the fetus in order to build a 3D model, capable of moving to life through the use of a virtual reality headset.

Of course, that the benefit would not only get closer baby look: this techno will help doctors detect much before a congenital fetal problem, as you can also see the internal structure of their vital organs. Experts emphasized the importance of early detection of problems in the respiratory tract. When they are closed and locked before birth, doctors could provide surgery to remedy such obstruction as soon as the baby was born.

So far, tests which were done showed a great similarity with respect to the baby once born, and only tested at a clinic in Rio de Janeiro.

Lets enjoy VR.