Information about Monster Legends

Monster Legends is a casual game in which our goal will be collecting and Taming heaps of fantastic creatures of all kinds, we can also evolve. Red Dragons of fire, giant apes of Earth, giant water snakes, and much more. Monster Legends players will have to create a perfect habitat for your monsters can live and develop naturally. In it we will have to build both spaces so that the monsters can live, as buildings that report us resources and food (needed to evolve our monsters). In total in Monster Legends we can find more than 50 monsters unique, among which include both basic creatures as their evolutions. This system of developments, is certainly very similar to the Pokémon saga. I.e. our creatures, to go up in level, can also change your appearance and get new skills. Visit for more information about Monster Legends.


As it is normal in a game of this type, players can confront their monsters against other players from around the world via the Internet. In these engagements, we can try to climb on the global leaderboards. Monster Legends is a social game, with its fun aesthetics and mechanics with aftertaste to Pokemon, surely being able to get into the Pocket to many young players. Breeding and domestic to better combat team and reach up to the top of the podium fighting on the battlefield. Get new monsters, tame them and put them to fight to obtain new skills and abilities. Builds extraordinary habitats for your monsters and take them with you to participate in the most exciting adventures.


Once you’ve put to the test your skills as a master of monsters, will be the time to participate in the social challenge par excellence: the wars of team, a League around the world where you can form teams up with your friends and measure your strength against hard opponents on the battlefield. Monster Legends is a game for mobile bestial, with more than 40 million players who have already begun to build their monstrous cities, create terrifying equipment and demonstrate their skills fierce fighting at the stadium. Will you be the next master of monsters? Dare to discover it!


New monsters every week! Get more than 300 available monsters! He crosses powerful beasts of different properties and characteristics to create new legendary species. Feed them well so that they grow even stronger! It uses the function of RPG progression so your monsters are prepared for the battle and all the challenges that are to come.

Tricks to get cards in Hearthstone

Two friends now become rivals, face to face, with the only weapon of his letters seeking to combat. This is what proposes Hearthstone, one of the games for mobile with more success in the last few months. Heir of the legendary World of Warcraft (in fact is the umpteenth title of the Warcraft saga) allows us to confront our friends lifetime or against players from all over the world. Knowing how to play our cards is the key to the win, but you also need the best of Gums Up.

Get best cards Hearthstone

You can win cards playing since each three defeats the game itself will give you a number of cards according to the victories that you have, but you can also get them for completing the missions of the game, desencantando the collection letters and even overcoming hidden achievements, some missions that are not specified as the conventional but that everyone can complete. In case outside little, can buy the cards in the shop of Hearthstone, and will serve for any platform regardless of whether purchases with your PC, mobile phone or tablet.

Best decks

In fact, Hearthstone is the game of this style that best letters we gives. Not you will cost nothing get all the letters of the game, included them of more value, by what there is who discourages spend them coins of gold in buy cards. However, there are times where we see that we have stuck in the game, it costs us to move forward, and perhaps having that extra in the form of very powerful cards help be the boost we need to keep playing. If you don’t want to pay for them always Gums Up option will be you.

Cards free Hearthstone

Apparently, Gums Up has no relationship with the Hearthstone, but soon discover that for the other are made. You can download Gums Up the App Store and the free Play Store, and once you have registered to start getting gums, the points that you will have access to gift cards for your account in iTunes or Google Play, vouchers for Amazon or PayPal money. With them you can buy coins in the shop of Hearthstone, and those coins are which will use to buy them letters.

hearthstone best cards

It is very easy to get gums. Just go to win gums so you appear on the screen of the cell phone or the tablet a menu with all the options that you have, starting with download and try other apps. You can also watch videos, participate in surveys and even invite your friends to Gums Up. Each action has a prize, and next to it you will find the instructions to collect the gums. When have sufficient enough with go to gifts, choose the reward necessary to buy them coins of gold of Hearthstone and only will have that play well your new letters in the next combat.

Download app

An eighty percent of the spaniards employs applications from day to day. A quantity that talk of the impact that have applications in our every day, and we are sure that leaves no thrive in the coming months. In truth, what primeo we do in acquiring us a mobile is download application Whatsapp but not all and each one of the applications are free of cost. What is more, it is possible to download Whatsapp beech due to pay. There are people who do not want to pay for downloading application, gives the same as. It is their right, but you can circumvent this limitation with Gums Up.

Download Application

The procedure to download application of payment without cost more advised in the network is rootear the Mobile – if is Android – or do the jailbreak if it is an iPhone or an iPad. Illegal methods in which you enter the operating system, a manipulation that will leave you without guarantee in the case of having any accident. There are also those who have recourse to applications that give you an application without cost to the day. You can locate useful applications, but the chance is fancy and hardly is going to offer us the application that we need or a affinities.

Download free applications

hence, at the time of download applications without cost or Android iOS the most recommendable is to resort to Gums Up, an application that you can download fully without cost in the two operating systems. Gums Up is an application of the prizes, which offers us applications as a reward. Is like download applications without cost of Google Play Store or Application Store, only that here you low payment applications without pay. And if you do not find the you want you can achieve gift cards Google Play, Application Store or money from Paypal with which to pay for the application you are looking for.

mobile app

All you need to do to begin to download applications is to achieve sufficient gums to then swap by applications or the other rewards. It is essential to register – is not going to take more than 2 minutes – and from there you can start earning gums. You can do that using other applications, viewing videos, responding to surveys or by invite your friends. In the menu of Wins gums have all and each one of the options. Be sure to comply with the conditions listed in the description of each action in order to be able to charge the gums.

download applications for Android

Alén of the occasions that gives us Gums Up, we have another procedure for Android if it is somewhat more difficult. This is download Android apps without cost apk, format that uses this operating system, from the computer. We got off as a normal file and the copy to our mobile or tablet with the USB cable, as we do with the music. And now comes the most difficult: install that application by means of a management application. As you see, Gums Up is considerably more simple and fast to use.

Tips to earn money PayPal

The money from PayPal is one of the most precious goods on the internet. Unlike what happens with electronic currencies as the Bitcoin, PayPal is accepted everywhere, is not in the hands of the fluctuations of a company but that evolves as the currency of each country and, what is more important, is supervising the entity that regulates banks of the you United States. That doesn’t mean that PayPal is a Bank, so you have money in your PayPal account not going to generate profits so we will look for alternatives to make money from PayPal, Gums up is the solution.

Hack money paypal

For an online payment system, websites that allow you to work from home and you pay us via PayPal are the best choice. For work in them need to be specialized in the topic that try, have capacity for work to distance and devote you enough hours. If you are want to make PayPal a few dollars the best thing you can do is to sign up for web pages that we pay for answering in surveys, view ads, shorten links, share their publications in our social networks, etc. But not all are worth.

An app to make PayPal money

We will not discover anything new if you warn of the dangers of the internet. These jobs requires a trust between the two sides, always may be a scammer who wants to take advantage of the work of well-intentioned people, so the best thing you can do is to check the reputation of the web, the time it takes to pay – and the minimum amount, that is sometimes exorbitant-, the opinions of other users, etc. We have done this, and have come to the conclusion that Gums Up is the best way to earn money PayPal.

Earn paypal money fast

To do this, you will have to go to the App Store if you have an iPhone or an iPad or the Play Store If you are Android, and download the application of Gums Up, which is free of charge. Down once you have to register, which will not take you more than one couple minutes, and from there you can start earning gums, points which we then barter for PayPal money. For this, see to WINS Gums, where you will be shown a menu with all the options that have to get them gums and choose which more you convince.

It more original is use the applications that us proposes Gums Up, but also you can see videos and have them famous surveys. Gives equal what you do, as you’ve seen all the actions have their reward. In the gifts section you will find a huge catalogue of awards, among which the vouchers with money from PayPal. More gums have, earn more money from PayPal, and unlike what happens on other Web sites or apps that offer PayPal on Gums Up money not is there minimum limit for a payment that you will receive instantly.

Gems Clash Royale, the trick ultimate

Since Supercell launched the Clash Royale, have increased searches of tricks to get free gems for the game. It is something that already happened with Clash of Clans, the other great success of this firm; and there is always some heartless that tries to make business offering miraculous tricks that Clash Royale player will get infinite gems and which are actually viruses, subscriptions premium or just scams. Therefore, today we will see the final trick to get gems to Clash Royale, use an application called Gums Up.

Hack clash royale

If you still don’t know what Gums Up, we tell you that it is an application that you’ll find in the App Store and the Play Store which is not to be free, but it pays to its users. The more you use it, the greater the prize. And among those awards found the famous cards Google Play, but also balance for the App Store or money from PayPal. If you play the Clash Royale, surely you know that through these payment systems you can buy gems in the store of the Clash Royale so Gums Up prize you will be free.

Infinite gems

To get these awards, as well as download the app to your smartphone or tablet and register, you must get gums, the points that you will later change by gifts. To do this, see WINS gums and will open you a menu with all the options: use apps that proposes Gums Up, participate in surveys, watch videos, invite your friends… Every action has its gums as a prize, and with them you will find a brief explanation with what you have to do to collect the gums. When you have only enough you have to ask for the prize.

Gems of Clash Royale

Now you only have to use the prize you’ve won thanks to Gums Up by gems for Clash Royale at the game store, and your number of gems will automatically grow. Now you just need to know how to use them, and we have two choices: buy caskets and open it. In the chests will have new letters that you will help to improve the shuffles, but as more good is the chest more will have that wait to open it. The best chests take 12 hours in open is, a time that can shorten with the gems.

clash royale gumsup

The other possibility is to buy gems chests. Some own gems are included as a reward, so business will be more or less balanced. Remember that each player has four spaces for chests, so if you buy them occupy all you can not receive chests as a reward for a victory. Half the players recommend to use gems to open chests and the other half to buy them, although, thanks to the free gems and Gums Up no longer have that problem.

How to achieve gems in Clash of clans

Without doubt the Clash of clans is among the most popular games for mobile phones and tablets. Supercell hit the nail on the head when he launched this game where you must develop your village in unison that you join clans to defend against the attacks of the invaders and also offices assaulting the villages opponents to progress through the game. This is what is known as a game freemium, without cost but with certain aspects of payment. And between these highlighted the gems, the resource most searched the Clash of clans since it is the one that will leave you develop your village faster.

How to achieve gems in Clash of Clans

There are multiple ways to achieve gems. One of them is paying, but we can also earn gems as we move forward in the game. By having the roads well clean, separating rocks or trees we are going to collect gems. Also by overcoming challenges in the game or to win trophies. As you meet with the challenges you are going to receive gems, just as if you are a good companion of clan and le kedesh your troops to those colleagues who are in a tough spot since they were attacked by another player. And there are more ways to achieve gems without cost.

Gems Clash of clans without cost with Gums Up

Between the best alternatives to the usual routes to achieve gems is to use Gums Up, an application that we pay for use. Between the rewards that offers us are the so much sought after gems to clash of clans, more cards also Google Play and Application Store or money from Paypal We may employ to adquirirle free gems coc without rascarnos the pocket. If you find it interesting, you can download Gums Up fully without cost for Android and also iOS, and already before use it you must open an account.

Hack coc

Use Gums up it is no mystery. In section gifts you will find these rewards of which we were chatting, more now before you have to go to win gums to achieve the gums, the points that then exchange for prizes. There you will display a menu with all and each one of the options that you have to achieve them, from using applications that presents us with Gums Up until the usual surveys or watch videos, apart from invite your friends. Next to each action you will find the description and the gums that you are going to carry by filling.

Also in Clash Royale

The gems are also the great protagonists of Clash Royale, the new game of Supercell that account with the characters more marked in Clash of clans which combine new signings. It is a different game, with what here the gems they will assist us to open the coffers and to advance our letters, accurate to win each and every one of the duels. With Gums Up also can achieve gems to Clash Royale; with what is wary of the hacks that you promise gems for both sets infinite and they really are a scam.

The Easy Ways To Make Money Online

Make money online today is something very common , everyone does in one way or another , has become a standard

There are already tens of thousands of different Ways to make money online at the comfort of homes and keep increasing the number every single day. But most of them are not an easy way to make money online.
Yet, there are also some few easy Ways to make money online that you may be of interest to you:
Get to use the Craigslist by searching on it of what got interest to you. I’m sure you can see all the ads that relates to your specific interest. You may get more over 100 listings.
There are all sorts of “help wanted” posting ads, especially in the writing arena.

You may get specific location of the ads that near to your location. Craiglist provides you links on each of these by location you prefer.
The other easy way to make money online is to make use of a membership website that enumerates internet job postings and other freelance jobs. More often the type of jobs on the listings are for content writing, data entry, programming, data research, and other outsourcing need services.
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