Monster Legends is a casual game in which our goal will be collecting and Taming heaps of fantastic creatures of all kinds, we can also evolve. Red Dragons of fire, giant apes of Earth, giant water snakes, and much more. Monster Legends players will have to create a perfect habitat for your monsters can live and develop naturally. In it we will have to build both spaces so that the monsters can live, as buildings that report us resources and food (needed to evolve our monsters). In total in Monster Legends we can find more than 50 monsters unique, among which include both basic creatures as their evolutions. This system of developments, is certainly very similar to the Pokémon saga. I.e. our creatures, to go up in level, can also change your appearance and get new skills. Visit for more information about Monster Legends.


As it is normal in a game of this type, players can confront their monsters against other players from around the world via the Internet. In these engagements, we can try to climb on the global leaderboards. Monster Legends is a social game, with its fun aesthetics and mechanics with aftertaste to Pokemon, surely being able to get into the Pocket to many young players. Breeding and domestic to better combat team and reach up to the top of the podium fighting on the battlefield. Get new monsters, tame them and put them to fight to obtain new skills and abilities. Builds extraordinary habitats for your monsters and take them with you to participate in the most exciting adventures.


Once you’ve put to the test your skills as a master of monsters, will be the time to participate in the social challenge par excellence: the wars of team, a League around the world where you can form teams up with your friends and measure your strength against hard opponents on the battlefield. Monster Legends is a game for mobile bestial, with more than 40 million players who have already begun to build their monstrous cities, create terrifying equipment and demonstrate their skills fierce fighting at the stadium. Will you be the next master of monsters? Dare to discover it!


New monsters every week! Get more than 300 available monsters! He crosses powerful beasts of different properties and characteristics to create new legendary species. Feed them well so that they grow even stronger! It uses the function of RPG progression so your monsters are prepared for the battle and all the challenges that are to come.