Without doubt the Clash of clans is among the most popular games for mobile phones and tablets. Supercell hit the nail on the head when he launched this game where you must develop your village in unison that you join clans to defend against the attacks of the invaders and also offices assaulting the villages opponents to progress through the game. This is what is known as a game freemium, without cost but with certain aspects of payment. And between these highlighted the gems, the resource most searched the Clash of clans since it is the one that will leave you develop your village faster.

How to achieve gems in Clash of Clans

There are multiple ways to achieve gems. One of them is paying, but we can also earn gems as we move forward in the game. By having the roads well clean, separating rocks or trees we are going to collect gems. Also by overcoming challenges in the game or to win trophies. As you meet with the challenges you are going to receive gems, just as if you are a good companion of clan and le kedesh your troops to those colleagues who are in a tough spot since they were attacked by another player. And there are more ways to achieve gems without cost.

Gems Clash of clans without cost with Gums Up

Between the best alternatives to the usual routes to achieve gems is to use Gums Up, an application that we pay for use. Between the rewards that offers us are the so much sought after gems to clash of clans, more cards also Google Play and Application Store or money from Paypal We may employ to adquirirle free gems coc without rascarnos the pocket. If you find it interesting, you can download Gums Up fully without cost for Android and also iOS, and already before use it you must open an account.

Hack coc

Use Gums up it is no mystery. In section gifts you will find these rewards of which we were chatting, more now before you have to go to win gums to achieve the gums, the points that then exchange for prizes. There you will display a menu with all and each one of the options that you have to achieve them, from using applications that presents us with Gums Up until the usual surveys or watch videos, apart from invite your friends. Next to each action you will find the description and the gums that you are going to carry by filling.

Also in Clash Royale

The gems are also the great protagonists of Clash Royale, the new game of Supercell that account with the characters more marked in Clash of clans which combine new signings. It is a different game, with what here the gems they will assist us to open the coffers and to advance our letters, accurate to win each and every one of the duels. With Gums Up also can achieve gems to Clash Royale; with what is wary of the hacks that you promise gems for both sets infinite and they really are a scam.