Since Supercell launched the Clash Royale, have increased searches of tricks to get free gems for the game. It is something that already happened with Clash of Clans, the other great success of this firm; and there is always some heartless that tries to make business offering miraculous tricks that Clash Royale player will get infinite gems and which are actually viruses, subscriptions premium or just scams. Therefore, today we will see the final trick to get gems to Clash Royale, use an application called Gums Up.

Hack clash royale

If you still don’t know what Gums Up, we tell you that it is an application that you’ll find in the App Store and the Play Store which is not to be free, but it pays to its users. The more you use it, the greater the prize. And among those awards found the famous cards Google Play, but also balance for the App Store or money from PayPal. If you play the Clash Royale, surely you know that through these payment systems you can buy gems in the store of the Clash Royale so Gums Up prize you will be free.

Infinite gems

To get these awards, as well as download the app to your smartphone or tablet and register, you must get gums, the points that you will later change by gifts. To do this, see WINS gums and will open you a menu with all the options: use apps that proposes Gums Up, participate in surveys, watch videos, invite your friends… Every action has its gums as a prize, and with them you will find a brief explanation with what you have to do to collect the gums. When you have only enough you have to ask for the prize.

Gems of Clash Royale

Now you only have to use the prize you’ve won thanks to Gums Up by gems for Clash Royale at the game store, and your number of gems will automatically grow. Now you just need to know how to use them, and we have two choices: buy caskets and open it. In the chests will have new letters that you will help to improve the shuffles, but as more good is the chest more will have that wait to open it. The best chests take 12 hours in open is, a time that can shorten with the gems.

clash royale gumsup

The other possibility is to buy gems chests. Some own gems are included as a reward, so business will be more or less balanced. Remember that each player has four spaces for chests, so if you buy them occupy all you can not receive chests as a reward for a victory. Half the players recommend to use gems to open chests and the other half to buy them, although, thanks to the free gems and Gums Up no longer have that problem.