This article will inform about 5 restaurants in Barcelona that is worth visiting if you‘re thinking to visit Barcelona, also I recommend to visit this website if you are interested in tourist guides in Barcelona,


Dos Cielos
Located on the 24th floor of the Hotel Me Giddy, Dos Cielos was one of the local restaurants received its first Michelin star in 2010 the other was the Enoteca. The restaurant is run by two young chefs, Sergio and Javier Torres, who prepared a menu ‘sensografica’ based not only on flavours and textures but also the senses and emotions. The logic: after a good dining experience very few people remember that what you ate. The dining room is modern and painted white. It has extraordinary views and the staff is very helpful. It is possible that it will advise you the menu tasting, which changes depending on the season, but they may include creamy rice small dishes with mushrooms or COD Cook slowly in a Gastrovac. Anyone who is tender, no doubt everything will be delicious and hopefully memorable. Carrer Pere IV 272.


Carrer Blai
Carrer Blai in Poble Sec is home to many restaurants and cosy cafés, but this stands out for its dishes made from the hands of two very friendly native features. As befits this neighbourhood restaurant, the interior is an intentional marble table, chairs of wit that don’t match and huge wooden barrels hanging from the walls. While the dishes can be changed daily, tend to the couscous, pasta and perhaps curry. the most emblematic dishes include creative salads (lentils and the handle is incredible) and what are possibly the best cakes in the city (the secret is in the three types of meat). Even if it is not fancy a full meal, a glass of wine and cheese at the counter table are perfect to start or end the night. Carrer Blai 28.


El Kiosko
The burger is back and is now gourmet. Gourmet Burgers are growing like mushrooms in the more trendy neighbourhoods. Perhaps this return of the resistance is due to a greater demand for economic power or perhaps the gradual acceptance of “fast food. Anyway, the kiosk is one of the best, as the queues in front of the show. The kiosk burgers are made with the best ingredients of beef in the North of Spain Spanish lamb and organic vegetables. All are grilled on the spot. generous baked potatoes, a variety of salsas and Chutneys and cantina environment-friendly worth the wait. Marquès de L’argentera, 1a.


El mercado de la Boqueria
Anyone interested in the Catalan kitchen may not visit the Boqueria market. Eating one of the many bars in this market is a truly authentic experience of the city. Bar Pinotxo is one of the most famous. Once a Bank of footholds in this bar buzz of the corner,the effusive owner, Juanito one being the vest and bow tie direct come to ask if you would like a glass of cava. And why refuse! Pinotxo dishes are more or less the definition of “market cuisine”. excellent dishes on the menu include small Octopus with chickpeas, beans elegant Catalan and excellent tortillas all made with the best ingredients from the market has to offer. The 89 Ramblas.


If the fusion of Brazilian and Japanese cuisine doesn’t convince him immediately, a meal at Ikibana most likely is that you change your mind. This restaurant incredibly spontaneous tempted to trends of the city with its subtle combination of this with the West. Think of sushi and sashimi executed to perfection. The cuisine uses the best fish and seafood Spanish accompanied by surprisingly light sauce flavoured with fruit and edible flowers. The Ikebana has two restaurants. The largest and most impressive is the Parallel Avenida lively in Poble Sec inspired environment tropical avant garden with wooden elements, the seat of Bank of green moss and a good staff in search of work the soft rhythm of the samba. The other is in the trendy El Born district. The cocktails are highly recommended opens the evening with a mojito in a fruit of passion and not slow that is dancing with the employees. Avinguda parallel 148.