Two friends now become rivals, face to face, with the only weapon of his letters seeking to combat. This is what proposes Hearthstone, one of the games for mobile with more success in the last few months. Heir of the legendary World of Warcraft (in fact is the umpteenth title of the Warcraft saga) allows us to confront our friends lifetime or against players from all over the world. Knowing how to play our cards is the key to the win, but you also need the best of Gums Up.

Get best cards Hearthstone

You can win cards playing since each three defeats the game itself will give you a number of cards according to the victories that you have, but you can also get them for completing the missions of the game, desencantando the collection letters and even overcoming hidden achievements, some missions that are not specified as the conventional but that everyone can complete. In case outside little, can buy the cards in the shop of Hearthstone, and will serve for any platform regardless of whether purchases with your PC, mobile phone or tablet.

Best decks

In fact, Hearthstone is the game of this style that best letters we gives. Not you will cost nothing get all the letters of the game, included them of more value, by what there is who discourages spend them coins of gold in buy cards. However, there are times where we see that we have stuck in the game, it costs us to move forward, and perhaps having that extra in the form of very powerful cards help be the boost we need to keep playing. If you don’t want to pay for them always Gums Up option will be you.

Cards free Hearthstone

Apparently, Gums Up has no relationship with the Hearthstone, but soon discover that for the other are made. You can download Gums Up the App Store and the free Play Store, and once you have registered to start getting gums, the points that you will have access to gift cards for your account in iTunes or Google Play, vouchers for Amazon or PayPal money. With them you can buy coins in the shop of Hearthstone, and those coins are which will use to buy them letters.

hearthstone best cards

It is very easy to get gums. Just go to win gums so you appear on the screen of the cell phone or the tablet a menu with all the options that you have, starting with download and try other apps. You can also watch videos, participate in surveys and even invite your friends to Gums Up. Each action has a prize, and next to it you will find the instructions to collect the gums. When have sufficient enough with go to gifts, choose the reward necessary to buy them coins of gold of Hearthstone and only will have that play well your new letters in the next combat.